Benefits Of GUI

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Benefits of GUI

GUI or Graphical User Interface is a technological interface that most people are used to. In the past, you commanded a computer through using text commands. It is obvious that the point followed by a click approach in computing offered several advantages as compared to the text based method. The following are chief benefits of GUI.

1. Increases productivity

The main aim for creation of the GUI is basically to enhance productivity. For instance, a person in the early 1920s required about two months for putting together a 40 pages user manual. The tools that were used in such cases include glue, a typewriter and a good pair of scissors. However, through using the simple GUI on a computer, a graphic artist can easily create the same user manual in only two days. Actually, it is possible to do complex things quickly using a computer.

2. Lessens cognitive load

Through using a GUI, you do not even have to keep various mundane duties in mind. Examples of the mundane duties eliminated by the GUI is proper formatting as well as the correct text commands required for successfully copying a document. GUI therefore frees up your cognitive load and gives you more mental power to focus on other important duties.

3. Requires less skill

Almost any person can make use of a computer that has a properly designed GUI. Long ago, computers only used to benefit specific people in the society who were technically savvy. However, the simplified GUI means that computers can now benefit everyone. In addition, the graphical user interface also provides greater accessibility to users as it places more capability at the cursor tips.

The disadvantage associated with the GUI is that it usually takes up a larger space on the hard disk as compared to other kinds of user interface.

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