Benefits Of Electricity

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Benefits Of Electricity

In earlier times all human tasks were performed by man himself and very few machines were available for his support. The last century has witnessed a spectacular advancement in science and technology, resulting in the development of numerous machines and techniques easing out every human task. However, all these machines need some sort of a fuel for keeping them in working condition so that they can support human beings in their activities. A few of these sources include ethanol, hydrogen, biodiesel and electricity. Each of these sources is suitable in its own way but using electricity as a source for running machines and getting the comfort of life has its own set of benefits. Some of these benefits include:

1. Renewable source of energy.

Fuels like coal, petroleum and ethanol are non-renewable sources of energy. Once depleted, it will take millions of years for these to be replenished. However, electricity can be produced from renewable sources like water. Thus, electricity is considered to be a renewable source of energy and thus does not harm nature in any way.

2. No pollution in the environment.

The use of fuels like coal, oil and petroleum releases a lot of gases in the atmosphere. These are quite harmful both to the environment and the living beings. Using electricity as a source of energy does not release any kind of greenhouse gases in the environment. This is especially true when electricity is produced by sources like nuclear power plants.

3. Cost effective.

When compared to other fuels like ethanol and methanol, electricity is more cost effective and affordable.

4. Ease of production.

Almost all countries of the world have the requisite technology for producing electricity. No country therefore needs to bear obligations and costs associated with purchasing a source of energy from other countries of the world.

5. No need to store.

Fuels like hydrogen have the tendency to pre-ignite if not stored under proper conditions, thus posing danger to people and places where they are stored. Alternative sources of fuels like electricity are produced at power plants and supplied for domestic and industrial use. There is no risk associated with storing electricity as it can be used just by switching the buttons of your appliances.

There are so many benefits of using electricity as a source of energy that it has become the most popular and accepted source of energy throughout the world.

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