Benefits of daffodils

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Benefits of daffodils

Daffodils are wild flowers that can be found in the US and Europe, particularly in the United Kingdom. ‘ In the past daffodils are used not only as decorative elements but as a medicinal plant. ‘ Daffodils are also able to grow in the wild while other people choose to cultivate them for the cut-flower industry and for its various health benefits. ‘ The following are benefits that people can get from daffodils:

1. Stimulation of vomiting

In the past, daffodils are traditionally used for its emetic properties. The flower bulbs are the ones that contain the chemical, narcissine, which helps stimulate vomiting. ‘ The narcissine content helps people expel food or medicine that may be toxic to the body. ‘ For this purpose, daffodils are boiled before ingestion of the liquid to stimulate the vomiting reflex.

2. Wound healing

Daffodils are also commonly used for its astringent properties that make it good for wound healing. ‘ People in the past have crushed daffodils and applied them onto cuts and wounds for faster healing and drying. ‘ People who suffered from burns in their skin may also benefit from direct daffodil application.

3. Pain relief

People suffering from arthritis and other joint pains also get relief from daffodils. ‘ As with wounds, the bulbs are pounded and applied onto the affected areas. ‘ The swelling and pain that comes along with gouty arthritis for example is able to respond well to topical daffodil application.

4. Relief for pulmonary problems

Daffodils made into powders or syrups have also been used to treat people with congestion in their pulmonary airways. ‘ Through the chemicals found in daffodils, people are said to get almost instant relief from their pulmonary-related concerns.

In modern times, daffodils that are powdered or made into syrup are more common compared to the traditional pounding of the flower bulbs. ‘ The powder and syrup preparations make it more convenient for people to get the benefits of this medicinal flower.

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