Benefits of citrine

Benefits of citrine

Citrine is a gemstone that looks like a lemon because of its yellowish color. ‘ Some people commonly mistake it for topaz quartz or gold because of its appearance but in terms of properties, citrine is a very much different mineral. ‘ Throughout the ages, this particular gemstone is not just worn for its beauty but also because of other benefits like:

1. Attraction of positive energy

People who wear citrine as jewelry or as amulets for example are known to benefit from the positive energy the stone is able to give. ‘ One’s mind is said to be clearer because of citrine. And with clearer thoughts, people are literally boosted in terms of mental power, concentration, and the ability to make right and sound decisions. ‘ People’s creativity is also enhanced because of having citrine in one’s jewelry for example.

2. ‘ Promotes healing

Since Citrine is able to attract positive energy, it also repels negative vibes at the same time. ‘ The energy provided by citrine is said to help promote healing and internal peace and balance.

3. Attraction for material gains

Some people also use citrine to attract more financial gain and wealth. ‘ It is widely believed by some people that this particular gemstone helps in terms of getting more financial success and/or finding solutions to money-related problems.

4. Beauty enhancement

Citrine is also a common mineral that is used by the beauty industry. ‘ Various makeups, lipstick, and other beauty products contain some amounts of citrine which further adds to its reputation as a beauty mineral and gemstone.

As a gemstone, citrine may be combined with other minerals and stones that may also have astral and healing properties. ‘ Some people may not really rely on their gemstones when it comes to attracting luck and positive energy, but many people promote gemstones like citrine for its various benefits to the mind and body.

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