Benefits of Bulgur

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Benefits of Bulgur

In you have not been successful in your quest to add protein and fiber to your nutrition, bulgur wheat might be ideal for you. Bulgur is considered to be a derivative of whole wheat, and is a staple diet in the Mediterranean. It has a variety of health benefits and is as follows.

1. Low in calories

Bulgur wheat is ideal for people seeking to shed a few pounds since it contains low calories. It is packed with fiber, which actually gives a sense of fullness, allowing you to consume fewer calories. To ensure you achieve weight loss within the shortest time, substitute rice with bulgur wheat.

2. Maintain proper health of the colon

Bulgur is a great source of fiber that helps to improve colon health. It may also help minimize the risk of certain cancers of the colon. As a suggestion, you can substitute bulgur with cinnamon to maintain healthy function of the colon.

3. Prevents heart diseases

If you’re seeking to reduce the consumption of red meat or animal protein, bulgur is a great protein source with minimal fat. Worried about getting heart disease? Well, you can add bulgur to your nutrition to help lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

4. Prevents breast cancer

Bulgur wheat can also offer protection against breast cancer. Moreover, it is packed with magnesium that affects the production of insulin, thereby is effective in lowering diabetes.

5. Improves mental health

According to recent studies, folate found in bulgur may help improve mental health. Another study shows that bulgur wheat may also prevent swelling of arteries and joints.

6. Gallstones

Bulgur wheat is packed with insoluble fiber that may help prevent the risk of gallstones in women. It is resilient against molds as compared to other grains, thus can last for a long period.

There are no major disadvantages associated to intake of bulgur, since it packed with vitamins and fiber that help improve overall health.

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