Benefits of Badam

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Benefits of Badam

Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Almond oil) is a popular oil used for body massage. It is also referred to as Roghan Badam and considered as an effective aphrodisiac for internal consumption and massage. It has a slightly sweet aroma and is extracted from edible nut kernels. Almond oil is rich in essential fatty acids and unsaturated acids. Sweet almond is rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins; it can be used on infants and adults as well. The following are a few of the many benefits of badam.

1. Softening oil

Sweet almond contains unsaturated fats that make it quite effective for softening the skin. In addition, it replenishes moisture in the skin, and balances moisture as well.

2. Lubricating effect

Badam has a lubricating effect that helps in relieving the effects of inflammation as well as itching. It provides immediate relief for muscle ache and also minimizes the drying effect of the lips.

3. Boosts intelligence

Almond oil is said to increase longevity and intelligence as well. Recent studies indicate that almond constituents have anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting effects.

4. Moisturizing effect

This awesome badam is a natural therapy for reviving the skins natural glow. It is suitable for all skin types since it has moisturizing effects. In addition, it can also be used on irritated or sensitive skin, making it ideal for reducing symptoms of eczema.

5. Affordable

Almond oil is also priced moderately and aroma therapists usually use it to dilute highly concentrated oils. It is vital that you understand that any blends made from almond oil ought to be used immediately within six months.

Almond oil is very popular due to its many benefits but it has its shortcomings as well. It has a very short shelf life between ranging from six to nine months. In addition to that, almond oil usually goes bad when stored in direct sunlight.

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