Benefits of Jaggery

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Benefits of Jaggery

Jaggery is basically made from sugarcane molasses. This is one of the best treatment methods that you can use if you are suffering from acidity. Acidity is the disorder of the digestive system that is characterized be overproduction of HCL in the stomach making the individual feel dyspepsia or heartburn. The symptoms of acidity include lack of appetite, vomiting, burning feeling in the abdomen and chest as well as belching. It is vital that you understand that leaving acidity untreated could possibly cause ulcers. Jaggery assists in curing acidity provided you consume small pieces of jaggery 3 or 4 times every day. The following are other benefits of jaggery.

1. Controls digestive problems

Jaggery is a great alternative treatment for dysentery and diarrhea. The patient is given about 15 grams of jaggery at regular intervals. This assists in strengthening the digestive tract as well as other great additional benefits.

2. Controls certain ailments

Jaggery is also efficient in the management of pimples because of astringent properties. It is used for exterior administration. The jaggery is mixed with some honey and then applied onto the pimples assisting in a quick recovery from acne. This mixture can also be used to treat bone fractures and also contusions.

A mixture of jaggery and milk is very effective in treating heart conditions. This pasty concoction should be taken each morning prior to consuming anything else. It acts a stimulant of the heart and thus it is use to treat cardiac failure.

3. Treating the loss of libido

Many people consider jaggery as an aphrodisiac. For that reason, it is prescribed to both women and men who have a low libido. It should be taken with milk over a long period of time before you can observe any results.

Nevertheless, jaggery usually increases the content of fat in the body and thus it might harm your weight loss efforts as well as do more harm than good to your cardiovascular system.

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