Benefits Of Anxiety

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Benefits of Anxiety

Anxiety is described as irrational worry, fear or uneasiness. Although these feelings often have a negative impact on our lives, it can be useful. It is considered valuable when it affects decision making but you should never allow it to dominate your thoughts. For instance, anxiety of driving under certain conditions can affect your mobility, but can help you avoid potential harm.

1. Evading harm

Anxiety can help you avoid harm, for instance finding spoiled food disturbing or a barking dog can help your avoid bodily harm. Studies on psychology have shown that worry can be useful in particular circumstances. Psychologists from Stanford University studying fear and anxiety, suggest that anxiety is somewhat useful as it helps people avoid high risk circumstances.

2. Emotional support

Folks who have fear of driving have first hand experience of how anxiety can be damaging to one’s life, both socially and emotionally. They are ready to help those in need since they are can relate to their experience. Leading psychologists studying anxiety, point out that worry can help in producing supportive individuals. Also, in real-life situations and group therapy, anxious folks are not judgmental and critical.

3. Leadership qualities

Business management clearly identifies with anxiety advantage. Before you become a leader, anxiety is inevitable when your worry about change and innovation. Complacency in business can cause decreased revenues, according to statistics. Moreover, anxious team leaders are believed to have extra motivation in their desire for better productivity and success. This clearly shows you that leaders need some sort of anxiety so that they can identify better opportunities and make wise decisions.

Anxiety also has a negative impact on our lives, especially when we let it control our emotions. For instance, fear of driving may affect your social life simply because you have let the fear have control over your life.

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