Benefits of ADR

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Benefits of ADR

There are various procedures for resolving disputes other than the standard litigation. Examples of these substitute methods include arbitration and alternative dispute resolution among others. This article looks at the advantages gained from using ADR for dispute resolution.

1. Low cost

A key reason why parties opt to solve their rows out of the normal courts is the high cost. ADR normally costs much lesser compared to litigation. This allows smaller monetary disputes and other kinds of disputes to be resolved in an economically viable way.

2. Efficiency

ADR is an efficient process that can even be arranged by the concerned panelists and parties the instant they set a meeting. Compared to court processes where you can be asked to wait for 2 or more years, a standard ADR proceeding can go very quickly. The efficiency of ADR is usually determined by the commitment to resolving the problem.

3. Better control

The ADR process offers more control to the involved parties, since people choose what ADR method is most suited to their case. You also have a say in the panelist used during ADR. In addition, you determine how long the process will be and also the outcome. This is great compared to the regular court system, in which the judge and legal system control all the aspects. Hence, ADR is more flexible.

4. Confidentiality

Disagreements settled in a court are normally public and this means that the awarded judgments are public as well. Arbitration, mini trials and ADR are all done under strict confidentiality and in private. The panelists are usually experienced and aim to conclude the process quickly and fairly.

Lastly, ADR services occur in an informal and less confrontational setting. This is conducive for maintaining a good relationship between the concerned the parties. The end result is actually a collaborative effort between two parties.

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