Benefits of IAQ

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Benefits of IAQ

Indoor air quality is an important aspect of any building such as a factory or even a house. People are always looking for ways to improve their IAQ, since it has numerous benefits. That is why machines like air exchangers and air purifiers are used in an attempt to ensure polluted air is removed from the house and good IAQ is maintained.

1. Prevents respiratory complications

Diseases of the respiratory system can cause lots of problems for the patient. These problems can be anything from high medical fees to other health complications like asthma and lung cancer developing. It is therefore necessary to look for ways of preventing such complications from occurring. One cheap and effective method of doing this is to maintain a good IAQ. This is done through using a machine like air purifier, which helps to eliminate dangerous air pollutants.

2. Removes harmful chemicals

By improving your indoor air quality, it is likely that you will also remove the harmful chemicals within your surroundings. This also includes the indoor pollutants that most of us have in our houses like aerosol sprays, cleaning agents and chemicals from cigarette smoke. Having high quality indoor air also limits the contact with toxins that can arise from insect or rat poison within the house.

3. Lessens mould

A major contributor of many health problems in homes nowadays is mould. There are many ways you can use to prevent mould from forming in your home. However, what is common between these methods is that they all attempt to improve ventilation and indoor air quality. Using the air exchanger to enhance your IAQ also enhances the content of fresh air in your home, thus inhibiting mould formation.

Increasing indoor air quality can thereby benefit you and other occupants of your home. It will even save you money with regards to medical costs linked to treating respiratory illnesses.

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