Benefits of wisdom teeth extraction

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Benefits of wisdom teeth extraction

Extracting wisdom teeth is a common surgical procedure and is often at times become painful. In case, there is less room for the growth of wisdom teeth (impacted wisdom teeth) the operating procedure becomes quite tough, and chances of bleeding are normal. Though some prefer to carry on with the same but some often retort to its removal especially when it gets unbearable and moreover it often leads to the problem in the future.

Wisdom teeth which are also referred as third molars are actually the last teeth that appear in the mouth. Most wisdom teeth do not result in long term complications. However the common problems that occur are: Dry socket or bone exposure when blood clot is displaced from the surgical wound zone which impacts the healing and even causes serious pain; infection in the socket from accumulation of food particles; weakening of lower jaw bone; nerve damage and discomfort in tongue or chin.

Some of the common reasons behind the benefits of wisdom teeth removal are mentioned below:

  • Wisdom teeth if not removed in time may cause severe health problems like infection in gums, decay of teeth, crowding and often leads to the formation of the cyst.

  • Wisdom teeth often grow at an unconditional rate and stems in any way possible – sometimes at angle of even sideways.

  • At times, wisdom teeth often pop up at the surface of the gum and sometimes it stays beneath the gum.

  • There is no fixed approach behind the growth of wisdom teeth, and this eventually leads to unstructured formation of teeth causing severe problems like infections.

  • Because of its irregular positioning wisdom teeth is often left un-cleaned as normal brush technique fails to reach the point of it.

  • Wisdom teeth are very hard to remove when it comes to dense jawbones. Normally individuals with the age range of sixteen to nineteen tends to have tight jawbones which makes it quite daunting for a dentist to operate the same

Aforesaid are some of the basic factors behind the cause of wisdom teeth removal.

Wisdom teeth removal is often performed at outpatient facility and is quite a common operation among the surgeons. In case one finds growth of wisdom teeth, it is better to consult a dentist and seek specific guidance behind the removal procedure and take effective actions as deemed fit. Though doctors usually prescribe to remove the same but there is no specific answer behind the side-effects of wisdom teeth if not operated in time. Generally when encounters discomfort they tend to get it plucked while others where wisdom teeth got sufficient areas to grow leaving no such problems tend to keep it as it is.

During the surgical procedure, doctors use local, sedation or general anesthesia based upon the condition of the patient. The procedure involves making incision in the gum in order to expose the tooth followed by its removal.

The recovery time from this operation varies upon the type of treatment and application of anesthesia. A dentist after operation prescribes medications and strict food habits for a quick healing. Oozing blood is a common phenomenon as mentioned above, and one should not fear the same if it happens. Properly following doctor’s advice helps in quick recovery.

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