Benefits Of Weight Training

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weight-liftingBenefits Of Weight Training

The human body is made up of bones and muscles. To keep them healthy and fit it is important to take care of these muscles. Lifting weights or weight training is one important way of keeping the muscles toned and healthy. Weight training in men gives them a good muscular physique, makes them stronger, and helps to increase longevity. Women have had a few myths about weight training. Weight lifting doesn’t always result in just building large muscles, but has a large number of beneficial results for their health. Weight training helps women by toning their body and helping them to burn a lot of fat from the body. The benefits of weight training include:

1.Tones the body muscles.

Weight training tones the muscles and makes them strong.

2.Helps in weight loss.

Weight training increases the rate of basal metabolism. These results in burning of more calories not only when you are doing physical work but also while you are sleeping. It thus helps in reducing excessive weight from the body.

3.Make the bones strong.

This is especially important for elderly people. Weight training if included by aged people in their daily routine helps to make their bones strong. With increasing age the bones become weak because of insufficient intake of calcium, consumption of excess sugar etc. When elderly people lift weights, their muscles are strengthened. The muscles are responsible for keeping the bones together. If the muscles are tight and strong the bones will automatically become strong.

4.Weight training routine improves immunity.
Following proper weight training involves the weight training schedule and intake of required vitamin supplements. These help to improve the immunity of the body. The body of such people is better able to fight diseases and infections and thus keep healthy.

5.Prevents the risk of heart diseases.
Weight training increases the good cholesterol in the body (HDL) and reduces the blood pressure when the body is at rest. It is thus helpful in preventing the risk of many heart diseases.

6.Prevents fatal diseases like colon cancer.
Weight training reduces the gastrointestinal transit time of the digested food and thus reduces the risk for developing fatal diseases like colon cancer.

Apart from all these weight training is important for elevating the mood of the people. It also helps to improve the balance and coordination of the body, with so many benefits and little or no cost weight training deserves to be included in your daily life.

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  1. carl

    November 19, 2011 9:21 pm

    When you talk about bones getting stronger? do you only mean more dense or do you actually mean to get physically bigger in size. i’m doing more research about this stuff

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