Benefits of torque

Benefits of torque

When talking about cars and engines, some people also look at various specifications like the engine torque. ‘ In this sense, torque represents some kind of moment force that results to a rotation from a fulcrum or an axis. ‘ In a simple sense, when there is more torque in engines, people would associate it with better performance or efficiency. ‘ This also explains why some engines are configured with so-called torque converter units to take advantage of its benefits. These benefits are:

1. More power

More torque means more force for the engines and this will translate to increased engine power. ‘ Torque converters for example basically work on the principle that the main engine torque will be multiplied and result to more engine power. ‘ With more power provided by more torque, vehicles will also have more towing capacity and will be able to handle a full load of passengers without having to utilize the engine so much. ‘ Lower gears may be enough to have a smooth drive if the engine has more power because of torque.

2. Better acceleration

More torque in engines also results to better acceleration from a full stop. ‘ This is mainly because of the increase in moment power as provided by more torque in engines.

3. More efficient engine

The increase in engine torque will also help the engine achieve more efficiency. ‘ Lower gears will be utilized when towing big loads for example and this is attributed to higher power output. ‘ This simply means that engine will work less harder with more load. ‘ High torque also translates to a smoother drive because the engine power is not affected despite changes in the transmission. ‘ Smoother transmission will also result to more fuel efficiency.

Engine torque is something that car enthusiasts and experts check on every time they evaluate a car’s efficiency. ‘ With more power and efficiency provided, having more torque basically gives a boost to a ride without sacrificing comfort.

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