Benefits of TOGAF and ITIL

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Benefits of TOGAF and ITIL

TOGAF or The Open Group Architecture Framework is involved with systems relating to business or enterprise architecture. ‘ Specifically it helps make a business strategy effective by means of handling all the necessary requirements and principles involved with it. ‘ ITIL meanwhile refers to Information Technology Infrastructure Library and it is involved with a set of standards aimed at aligning the services of the IT infrastructure with what a particular business actually needs. ‘ By adopting both frameworks and standards in terms of service delivery, companies will reap the following benefits:

1. Integration of Support Unit

Implementing the principles and standards behind TOGAF and ITIL will simply combine the support services given by a particular company. ‘ TOGAF will take care of improving on the processes and the people involved while ITIL will handle the intended service outcome that customers actually want. ‘ Combining both principles will optimize the delivery of IT services.

2. Wide application

The models and standards involved in TOGAF and ITIL can be applied to any organization or industry. ‘ One company doesn’t need to be the largest in order to benefit from the collaboration of business practices and goals with the IT infrastructure and service delivery.

3. ‘ Improved Competitiveness

With TOGAF and ITIL standard models, various companies and enterprises may integrate their own best practices along with the industry’s best standards. ‘ In this way, companies will be able to maintain their competitiveness and even further improve as they go forward in the process.

4. ‘ Lower Costs

By direct collaboration of business practices with IT service delivery, businesses will automatically spend less in terms of their support service infrastructure.

Overall, all businesses and enterprises have specific goals and these are best achieved if practices and activities are integrated with the other sectors including IT service delivery. ‘ Through TOGAF and ITIL standards, business and IT collaboration is made easier.

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