Benefits Of Sleep

sleepBenefits of Sleep

In earlier times, sleep had many myths associated with it. Even medical science ignored the importance of sleep in the life of people. Sleep was associated with rest and losing an hour or two of normal sleep was considered insignificant. But, studies and researches in the recent past have proved the vitality of deep sleep to the health of individuals. People, who sleep for less than 6 or 7 hours each night, are prone to develop numerous diseases.

1.Helps to reduce stress.
When the body does not take sufficient sleep it enters the state of stress. The body releases lots of stress hormones and blood pressure of such individuals becomes high. The body is placed at a risk of various kinds of heart diseases like strokes. Release of stress hormones, make the sleep more difficult and causes problems like insomnia. Sufficient night sleep is important and avoids conditions of stress.

2.Improves memory and concentration

Deep sleep is associated with a process known as memory consolidation that occurs during that time. When the body is resting, the brain is full of activity. It processes the day’s activities, creates connections between various events that occurred during the day, processes sensory inputs, emotional feelings and good and bad memories. Getting enough deep sleep helps to process and remember things better.

3.Helps to reduce obesity and weight

Researchers have proved that lack of sleep disturbs the hormonal balance in the body. This affects the appetite negatively and cause frequent hunger. The individuals eat more than required quantities of food and become obese. Also, less sleep keeps people awake for more time and this provides them more time to eat. So, take a deep sleep for 8-9 hours each day and reduce obesity.

4.Improves cellular repair

Cell is the structural and functional unit of life. The human body cells undergo a continuous process of cell degeneration where old cells die and new cells are formed. During sleep the body produces additional protein molecules. These enhance the speed of formation of new body cells and increase the pace of cellular repair.

5.Improves immune system.

Reduction is stress hormone after sufficient sleep at night improves the immune system of the body. This reduces the chances of inflammation and keeps the people away from various diseases like cancer and heart diseases.

6.Improves productivity.

Small naps during work hours help in improving the productivity of people at work. These work like caffeine which is usually used to refresh the mind during work

7.Improves decision making

Enhancement of memory and concentration in people who take enough sleep results in better decision making. They remember more things and can concentrate more while taking decisions.

Realize the importance of sleep and take out enough time and solitude to enjoy nature’s most wonderful gift to living beings.

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