Benefits Of Running Barefoot

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Benefits of Running Barefoot

A few athletes and some people are now opting to run barefoot due to the many benefits associated with this action. Advocates believe that running without shoes enhances foot biomechanics as well as reducing risk of injury. Further down are more benefits of running barefoot.

1. Increases strength

Running barefoot is a great way of enhancing the strength of your legs. It also assists in the development of a healthy natural gait. It works by strengthening the ligaments, tendons and muscles present in the legs. Most athletes have portrayed enhanced endurance after training without shoes.

2. Lowers injury risk

An interesting advantage of running barefoot is the fact that it may assist to lower the risk of getting an injury. Since you are no longer wearing shoes that have heels, the calf muscle and Achilles tendon are able to fully stretch and also lengthen. This helps in lowering the likelihood of certain injuries like Achilles tendinitis or calf pulls that are caused by tight and short tissues.

3. Enhances balance

By running barefoot, you are going to enhance balance since you will be capable of activating small muscles present in you ankles, feet and hips. These muscles are the ones responsible for provision of better coordination and balance.

4. Improves movement

In addition to improving balance, being barefoot also assists you remain grounded and also connected to the environment. You will also learn new techniques such as expanding your legs and spreading your toes. This provides a better base and therefore improves movements.

5. Better performance

Runners are going to learn landing on the front part of the foot instead of the heel. Landing on your heel is not very effective as it is basically breaking on each step.

However, shoes provide a considerable protection from different road debris like nails, thorns, glass and nails.

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