Benefits Of Recycling

recycling_symbolWe do not think at all before throwing something in the garbage. Most of the trash is buried in landfills. Day by day these landfills are getting saturated and it is highly expensive to maintain these. Hence this is an alarming problem all over the globe. An average American household produces 3 to 5 pounds of trash in a day which signifies a total of 50 tons annually. Hence the whole population in US is producing around 200 million tons of trash. People are struggling to fight this problem and to decrease the production of trash. Nearly one-tenth of the total amount of garbage in US gets recycled in year. However at least 50 % of the total trash amount should be recycled. Recycling is the most important aspect of our lives and it can help us conserve our natural resources and give us a pollution free air and environment to reside in.

Recycling is basically a process where materials often considered as trash is collected and manufactured again as a whole new product and sold again in the market to be used again by the consumers. There are people who work hard to separate the products that can be recycled again from the trash and send these to the factory where the remanufacturing process takes place. The once used products are transformed into a new fresh piece to be used again. Recycling also means that you can reuse certain products and use them for your household purpose and daily use. For example instead of throwing away your old coffee can you can use it as an utensil to feed your bird or pet.

The other wide spread benefits of recycling products are –

  • Recycling helps in the conservation of natural resources such as water, minerals, and woods.
  • A lot of energy is saved as much less energy is required to produce new products through recycling methods.
  • Recycling also lessens the production of greenhouse gases as less fossil fuel is burnt by the industries.
  • It involved lesser costs and expenses than the disposal programs of waste and trash.
  • More money can be earned by recycling old products.
  • A recycling centre also create employment opportunities for many people
  • Recycling procedures avoids around 70 tons of waste from getting deposited into landfills in each year.
  • Natural habitat is conserved.
  • Soil erosion is decreased.
  • Glass products when recycled use 40% lesser energies than new glass products. All 50 various categories of plastics produced can be recycled and used again and again. Metal cans and steel cans can easily be recycled to produce parts for a new car or food containers. Disposed computer parts can also be recycled to use them as scrap metal.

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