Benefits Of Rational Unified Process

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Benefits of Rational Unified Process

Rational Unified process, commonly known as RUP is a system that was designed with the aim of providing real-time analysis on development projects. The process is devised to ensure that both hardware and software are given top priority. Nonetheless, overall project risk is not minimized at the initial stages, but the chance of a sizeable project collapsing is addressed.

1. Easily resolves risks
Rational unified process typically helps to resolve projects risks in order to ensure that they are in line with the consumer evolving requirements. Additionally, fewer resources are used for the integration process as integration is evident through the entire phase of software development.

2. Control changes
With RUF, synchronizing various components of the project becomes easier when the components are handled by different teams. However, extra precaution must be taken to ensure the changes are easily controlled.

3. Flexible patterns
RUF software development has become popular as it gives managers the opportunity to reuse processes to address common problems. Since projects are never similar, it is easy to modify specific processes in order to address your project needs.

4. Efficient delivery process
The process also boasts efficient delivery process that gives project managers the opportunity to plan and initiate the project. The development process simply gives managers the resources needed for the entire project. Furthermore, it uses best practices that have been adopted in many other projects worldwide. In other words, there is no need of inventing your project from scratch when you can reuse processes.

5. Supports iterative development
RUP software development organizes systems into phases to ensure each process has better executable iterations, not to mention these processes have been used successfully by other organizations.
Many programmers find this process too disorganized and complex. On the other hand, projects that require new technology may not allow you to reuse processes or components.

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