Benefits Of PC over Mac

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Benefits of PC over Mac

Contrary to popular belief, Macs actually are not better than PCs. Even though PCs and Macs use similar parts, there are innumerable benefits of PC over Mac. The following article highlights the benefits of choosing PC over Mac.

1. Cost

The main benefit of PC over Mac is the difference in cost. Currently, you can purchase a PC that has the latest features for less than $450. However, the most affordable Mac is known as Mac mini and it costs about $600. For those who prefer full sized machines, the 20‒ Mac goes for $12,000. Although, Apple places lots of emphasis on design and most of their computers are very appealing, most people do not need an aluminum body but they require a cheap PC that they can use.

2. Games

A PC is the most appropriate solution for avid gamers rather than a Mac. The reason for this is that most good games are only created for running on Windows, with most not offering a Mac version. PCs also provide better graphic options since various video graphics firms are constantly releasing good graphics cards for PCs. You are going to require the latest video cards in order to play games with optimum performance.

3. Compatibility

Most software developers typically create new software for PC and not Mac. If you want to steer away from the hustle of finding alternative programs for a Mac, then you should go for a PC. Aside from numerous software options, there are many freeware applications accessible for a PC.

4. Customization

If you use a Mac, then you are only allowed to select from the limited options offered by Apple. However, with the PC you have endless possibilities. You can opt to create your own computer customizing it fully for your specific requirements.

However, if you really value the overall design of a computer, then the best option is a Mac since they are usually very well designed.

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