Benefits of Pandora One

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Pandora One refers to the premium music streaming application or service from Pandora. A person just needs to be connected to the internet and he/she can enjoy music streaming 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. While Pandora is actually free for all online users, Pandora One is offered at a minimal rate of a few dollars a month. Music streaming online is still free for those who wish to use the standard Pandora radio or music offerings but for people who wish to have more control of what they want to hear and enjoy, Pandora One is the product for them. The following are benefits of subscribing to Pandora One:

  1. No advertisements

Subscribers to Pandora One can enjoy online streaming of their favorite music without having to deal with commercials and advertisements. People who listen to standard Pandora radio are often annoyed of various ads that are squeezed in between music and programs. By subscribing to Pandora One, one can do away with unwanted ads and simply enjoy music streaming at a minimal subscription fee.

  1. Upgraded features

Pandora One offers more improved features for people who have a premium taste in online music. The standard service already offers a variety of music genres and programs while subscribers of Pandora One will get to enjoy better music quality and some added features. When the online connection is optimal for example, users may adjust the sound quality. More daily skip options are also allowed for Pandora One users.

  1. Fewer program pauses

There are fewer timeouts or pauses when one is subscribed to Pandora One. In the standard free version of the music streaming service, a person’s favorite music station may take a break or pause a couple of times within a day. With Pandora One, there are fewer pause periods for music stations and this simply translates to continuous enjoyment of music.

  1. User Interface is very friendly

Pandora One can be installed in desktop computers and various mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The application has a very cool and friendly interface regardless of the platform or device. This simply translates to easy navigation to favorite stations, genre, or songs. Subscribers to the Pandora One service need not be too tech savvy to enjoy the upgraded features of this popular online music streaming service provider.

  1. Unlimited music streaming

Pandora One allows for online music streaming with no limits. Subscribers can basically login to their accounts and enjoy their favorite music any time and all the time. The free version has a limit of only 40 hours of streaming for any given month. With a Pandora One subscription, users need not worry about being able to listen to various music files endlessly.

Some people may not like the idea of having to pay for regular subscription fees as required by Pandora One but others prefer more control of what they hear and want more features. The fewer timeouts and the absence of advertisements is more than enough for some people who love online music streaming services like Pandora One.

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