Benefits Of Pacemaker

Benefits of Pacemaker

A pacemaker is a tiny electronic device that is surgically placed in a patient’s upper chest for monitoring heart function. The main advantages of using a pacemaker consist of improved life quality and also normalized heartbeat. Doctors recommend the use of pacemakers to people with different degrees of heart distress and thus the benefits of the pacemaker vary from one person to the next.

1. Alleviates symptoms

Examples of heart conditions that may require the use of a pacemaker include arrhythmia and tachyarrhythmia among others. The aforementioned heart problems usually have similar symptoms like dizziness, chest pain, fainting and general fatigue. A pacemaker assists in eliminating some of these symptoms through stabilizing the heartbeat.

2. Shallow breathing

Most patients with irregular heartbeats complain of shallow breathing, which usually causes them to restrict their activities. This leads to further deterioration of the general health of such people. Shallow breathing comes about when the heart is incapable of pumping blood efficiently to the lungs, therefore affecting the function of the lungs. Getting a pacemaker ought to resolve this particular symptom.

3. Improved life quality

Pacemakers enhance the life quality of many patients. In fact, studies show that most people experienced considerable improvement in their life quality following the implantation of a pacemaker. This is because they were now able to take part in their regular duties and exercises.

4. Regulates the heartbeat

The other huge benefit offered by the pacemaker is basically that it helps establish a healthy heartbeat. It works through mimicking the natural heartbeat. It can also determine the normal heartbeat of a person and ascertain whether increase in that rhythm is caused by a pacing complication or increase in body activity.

There are some risks involved during surgical implantation of the pacemaker such as collapsed lung and damaged blood vessels near the area where the pacemaker has been implanted.

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