Benefits of Obedience

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Benefits of Obedience

We all understand that rules and regulations are imposed to maintain organization and order in the society. For this reason, we are obligated to follow all the rules that revolve around us. The problem is that most people find it a bit challenging to act according to the law, leading to improper behavior that may cause lawlessness. Are you prepared to obey the rules in your society, or workplace?

1. Obedience can help you attain success in your endeavors

Although most people fail to comprehend the true worth of obedience, it really goes a long way in helping you learn values such as modesty, discipline and respect. Obedience teaches you to ensure you are proper with your words and actions. Additionally, obedience leads to contentment or satisfaction, and peace of mind.

2. Promotes a harmonious society

Obedience helps promote a harmonious and peaceful society, and at the same time fostering unity and respect towards others. God needs us to be obedience to ensure we achieve eternal life. Through obedience, you become worthy of respect from those around you.

3. Helps us become grateful

Self-worth and obedience allows us to engage in community service, or helping those in need. By serving others, you become grateful and humble in all your undertakings. When you learn the value of being meek and grateful, rebellious actions now becomes a thing of the past.

4. Makes us stronger

Put in mind that each time you do what is required of you, it helps you become more able and stronger. Your ability to fight the urge to be defiant will improve with every passing situation, thereby imparts life skills that will see you through difficult circumstances.

Obedience teaches us to engage in socially acceptable ways when dealing with challenges. This is essential as it maintains order in the society. When we fail to follow the law, life becomes testing because lawlessness substitutes to criminal behavior.

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