Benefits of Mutations

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A mutation is a change in the genetic makeup of a living organism. This change can either be beneficial or detrimental to the living organism. The main benefit of mutation is essentially survival. Most living organisms are currently alive due to successful mutations. More mutation benefits are listed below.

1. Malaria resistance

Individuals with sickle cell, as a result of mutation, have been observed to portray malaria resistance. Generally, this is a harmful mutation since sickle blood cells are not as effective as normal cells in their functioning. In regions where there are increased cases of malaria, this mutation is favorable as individuals with blood cells that are sickle shaped are not likely to contract malaria.

2. Lactose tolerance

Lactose intolerance has made it simpler to wean young children. Nevertheless, human beings still like drinking milk. You should comprehend that the mutation of lactose tolerance was random and appeared later on. People later found out they could now use milk products as they had developed lactose tolerance due to genetic mutation. Lactose tolerance even has a strong relationship with being descendants of cultures that used milk like a food.

3. Atherosclerosis resistance

Atherosclerosis is essentially a modern age disease that is caused by the modern way of life and also modern diets. There is one community near Mila whose residents do not contract atherosclerosis. This is a favorable mutation since people live for longer and people also have diets that are unlike those our ancestors used. This may enhance the lifespan of those having it. Actually, this atherosclerosis resistance is personally beneficial to the people having it.

Mutation can be quite detrimental as well. For example, hemophilia is a genetic disease that comes about because of gene mutation. This is basically a severe bleeding ailment that is inherited from the parents, specifically the male.

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