Benefits Of Marriage

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marriageBenefits Of Marriage

Man is a social being and wants to live in cohesion with at least a few people. As children you are surrounded and supported by your parents and families. As you enter adulthood, you feel the need of physical and emotional support. There is immense need to give and get love from your life partner. It is, to fulfill these needs we get into the relationship of marriage. Apart from love, there are many other benefits of marriage which the article will discuss in detail.

1.Emotional Benefits.

Marriage is associated with lots of emotional support from your partner. Married people have a better psychological health than unmarried people of the same age group. Intensity and frequency of psychological problems like depression and anxiety are less in married people. Married people suffer less form diseases like schizophrenia. Research and studies have shown that married people handle situations of stress and anxiety in a better manner. Spouses provide motivation and emotional support to each other and thus balance their lives together. Married persons share their feelings and thoughts with their spouses and mostly do not get the feeling of loneliness. The joint result of all these is that married people are generally more hopeful, pleased and feel good about life and themselves.

2.Sexual benefits
As the person reaches adolescence, his or her desire for sex increases. Unsecure and illegal sex can place the person into a number of health and legal problems. Marriage puts forward the most legal safe, secured, and rewarding environment for sharing physical relationship with your love. Married couples who are faithful feel more contented with their sex lives than cohabiting couples or others who are single.

3.Financial Benefits
Marriage brings with it many financial benefits but, only if the couple spend their earnings judiciously. There are two reasons behind it. Firstly, if the marriage partner is working and earning it adds up to the income of the family. Secondly, marriage makes the couples more responsible. The thought of shouldering the responsibility of a family brings stability in people. The fact is that marriage motivates men to work more and earn more money. With the beginning of this relationship a man’s commitment towards work and status in his career increase with each passing year. Married couples hold the joint obligations and are financially more responsible. They can combine their strengths and save money. But, all this is possible only when spouses pool their wherewithal.

4.Legal benefits
There are many legal benefits that automatically become applicable as soon as couples enter into relationship of marriage. These include joint parenting, adoption, purchase of home and health insurance policies, inheritance of property and wealth without a will, benefits like pension and annuities and many more.

5.Benefits to children
Children living with biological parents who are married enjoy many benefits as compared to children living with single parent or remarried parent.

Marriage demands a lot of adjustment from both the partners. But, the fruits of these adjustments are sweet and bring joy to life.

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