Benefits of Lyrica medication

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Benefits of Lyrica medication

Lyrica is a brand of drug that contains the active ingredient called pregabalin. It is an FDA-approved drug for patients suffering from fibromyalgia which refers to a chronic and debilitating condition that causes severe muscle pain in various parts of the body. ‘ In most cases, the pain is also accompanied by feelings of tiredness and wasting. ‘ Most fibromyalgia patients also deal with sleeping problems. ‘ Aside from fibromyalgia, Lyrica is also prescribed for other conditions that involve nerve dysfunctions like shingles and diabetic neuropathy. ‘ Treatment with Lyrica can give various benefits including:

1. Pain relief

The main benefit that patients can get with Lyrica medication is analgesia and sedation. ‘ Conditions like fibromyalgia and diabetic neuropathy for example typically present with pain and these are best treated with medicines that specifically target neural signals to give some relief.

2. Improved overall function

The treatment of pain that comes after Lyrica medication will also result to improve muscle function especially in patients with fibromyalgia. ‘ With regular treatment, patients will eventually feel less tired and they are able to perform various activities without much limitation. ‘ Under Lyrica treatment, patients will basically have improved motor function.

3. Better sleep

Patients that experience severe pain typically have problems when sleeping time comes. ‘ Most of these people have a hard time getting a good night’s sleep because of the pain they experience in various parts of the body. ‘ But with Lyrica treatment, patients with fibromyalgia for example will get some pain relief and therefore will have a better chance of getting a quality night of sleep.

With its main function targeted towards the neural pathways and signals, Lyrica is considered a potent drug and therefore requires prescription from doctors. ‘ And as with any other drug, it may also cause some side effects and so people must always coordinate with their doctors during the entire treatment process.

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