Benefits Of JTAG

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Benefits of JTAG

Modding or Jtagging Xbox will enable you to play and burn xbox games. However, you don’t have to buy a jtagged Xbox, simply have it rewired or chipped. Jtagging is popularly referred to as hacking and has become increasingly popular, especially after the release of modern warfare.

1. Upload games from an external hard drive

Once you have uploaded your Xbox game onto the hard drink, it is no longer necessary to open the drive every time you want to play Xbox games. Also, you can install downloadable XBLA games as well as new Xbox games. In fact, jtagging is somewhat similar to IPhone jailbreak since it gives you an opportunity to ‘’own” the game.

2. Play games directly from your library

Imagine having a library full of latest Xbox games all loaded onto an External hard drive of 250 GB or 500 GB and play your games from the hard drives without having to insert a DvD each time you want to play. You don’t have to remove any game and the best thing is that all games will load amazingly fast and it is not longer necessary to carry your games with you. How cool is that! Simply carry you Xbox to the park without any discs.

3. Perfect for game development

Beyond just providing gaming benefits, jtagging is ideal for those individuals seeking to venture into game development. A Jetlagged Xbox game acts as a development kit that gives you an opportunity to modify whichever feature suits you.

4. Modify multiple game options

Overall, jtagging the Xbox or finding a game that is already jetlagged will require a little effort from your part but the end totally justifies the means, as it enable you to modify all games in a way that suit you.

Jtagging can void your warranty, which means that you will not receive any compensation once you modify the console.

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