Benefits Of Ionized Water

Benefits of Ionized Water

Ions are either negatively or positively charged. Ionized oxygen has exceptional effect as compared to regular oxygen, which means it is easily absorbed in the body. Negative ions occur naturally in mountain air, which result in a healthy fresh scent.

1. Improves metabolism
Research shows that negative ions play a vital role in metabolism. Ionized air helps to burn food elements like carbohydrates, proteins and fat. Additionally, inhaling ionized air improve concentration of oxygen in the bloodstream.

2. Boosts immune system
Negative ions are beneficial to your health since they help to absorb oxygen, producing less histamine that plays a vital role in improving function of the immune system. Also, ionized water alleviates flu-like symptoms.

3. Reduces insomnia
Ionization improves function of the lungs, reducing thick mucous congestion. It also raises the production of Serotonin, a hormone that helps to improve energy, moods, and reduce sleeplessness.

4. Removes airborne pollutants
Ionized air help remove airborne pollutants responsible for health complication such as asthma. Therefore, inhaling ionized air is great for individuals with breathing difficulties. Furthermore, evidence suggests that ionized air also help reduce tension.

5. Alleviates nausea
Many individuals suffer from nausea and headaches when spending long hours on the computer. Home electronics put out the much needed positive ions. If you happen to suffer from prolonged headaches and nausea, take a stroll outside and enjoy some fresh air.

6. Creates a euphoric feeling
Most studies suggest that negative ions provide that ecstatic feeling of breathing fresh air. For instance, a wave reduces the production of positive ions, which result in cleaner, fresher air.

7. Improves air quality
Negative ions help to reduce unhealthy airborne pollutants, improving air quality. Positive ions adhere to negative ions to form molecules that exert gravity, promoting fresher air.
Although there are no adverse effects of ionized air, air ionizers are expensive to buy. Moreover, each machine has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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