Benefits of Guided Reading

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Benefits of Guided Reading

Guided reading refers to reading out loudly to another person and it is not the same as independent silent reading. The major aim of this particular type of reading is to basically offer guidance to the learner. The whole process of the learner reading out loud along with instructions and other corrections is the important characteristic feature of guided reading. The following are some of the chief benefits of guided reading.

1. Better comprehension

Guided reading is beneficial to both struggling as well as good readers. These students are going to be able to understand the information much better in comparison with silent reading. This is because many students usually stop reading certain materials when they realize that they do not comprehend what they are reading. On the other hand, in guided reading the students are capable of stopping reading and requesting for clarification on certain issues leading to even better academic results.

2. Develops good reading skills

If you are looking to improve your reading skills, then you ought to take guided reading into account. Rather than spending a lot of time just flipping pages and making errors while struggling with reading, you should go for guided reading. You will be able to read loudly to an instructor or another proficient reader and then get the necessary feedback on what you should do to advance your reading. This is quite beneficial since you are going to be capable of reading on your own once the lessons are over.

3. More enjoyable

Guided reading provides a great opportunity for sharing the pleasure of reading with a student. This motivates the student to become more interested in the activity.

The disadvantage of guided reading is that it takes a very long time to complete. Strong students who do not need it usually start relying on it rather than developing their own strategies.

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