Benefits Of FTP

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Benefit Of FTP

TP or “File Transfer Protocol‒ is a method of transferring files between computers on a network, usually on the internet. Use varies. Web browsers can access FTP addresses and download files similar to downloading any other file, though it can be slower than a dedicated client, such as a graphical FTP client. It opens the FTP file list as a window, as if it were a folder on the home computer. Such a simple and easy to use system brings with it many benefits.

1. It is essentially unlimited.
A user can deliver and receive an unlimited number of files through the FTP setup at no extra cost in terms of webhosting. Movies, documents and presentations can all easily be sent or stored using an FTP. Some providers even offer to encrypt and protect the data to make sure that only those authorized can access it.

2. It is easy to use.
FTP is designed to send and receive files between computers through the internet. Even without using a dedicated FTP client, the average user should be able to make use of it. It can be treated simply as another folder or directory on a different hard drive.

3. FTP makes file transfers and management easier.
Once uploaded to the FTP server, the uploader or intended recipient can download the file from any internet around the world – as long as the uploader gives the recipient access. The FTP server’s user can also upload from any computer, anywhere, making it extremely versatile.

A problem with FTP is that using a web browser to download from an FTP server may take too long, especially in the case of larger files, such as movies. Some server providers may be extremely strict with how you can use the FTP server in terms of size or content.

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