Benefits Of Flossing

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Benefits Of Flossing

Our day begins and continues with eating and chewing numerous varieties of foods. Particles of these food materials get stuck between cavities present in the teeth. If these are allowed to stay there for long periods of time, this promotes the growth of bacteria and lead to the decay of teeth. Dental floss is a bunch of thin plastic ribbon or nylon filaments that are used for removing food and plaque from the teeth. The dental floss is usually inserted between teeth and is scraped along the sides of teeth, particularly close to the gums. Flossing helps to remove the harmful dental floss form the mouth giving the person a fresh feel. Apart from this there are many other benefits of flossing, which include:

1. Helps remove bad breath.

About 90% of people have bad breath due to odor-causing bacteria. Although this is extremely preventable but very few people realize and accept this fact. Brushing the teeth removes just 70% of these bacteria, but remaining thirty percent can be removed only by flossing. Most of these can be easily removed by flossing your teeth daily. Floss is extremely thin and reaches between small cavities between teeth and beneath the gum-line to places where a toothbrush or its bristles would never reach.

2. Prevents the formation of tartar.

Flossing prevents the formation of tartar or calculus which if allowed to form, can be removed only by a dentist.

3. Removes tiny food particles.

Regular flossing helps to remove tiny particles of food that get entrapped within the small cavities of mouth.

4. Protects from heart attack.

The presence of unwanted dirt in the cavities of teeth cause gums diseases. These diseases make a person prone to the risk of a heart attack. Regular flossing prevents the occurrence of gum diseases and thus protects a person form heart attack.

5. Protects people from gingivitis.

Bacteria present in tartar or calculus secrete acids that damage the gums; causing swelling in them- a condition called gingivitis. Timely removal of bacteria from the mouth helps in protecting people form gingivitis.

6. Protects from tooth loss.

If bacteria present in the mouth are not removed they might cause swelling of gums a condition called gingivitis. Untreated gingivitis results in periodontal disease that ultimately causes tooth loss. Removal of bacteria from the mouth prevents the occurrence of gingivitis

Many people realize the benefits of flossing but place numerous excuses to stay away from it. It is time that you realize the importance of flossing in maintaining the oral hygiene and keep your teeth strong and healthy.

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