Benefits of Euthanasia

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Benefits of Euthanasia

Euthanasia simply means mercy killing to prevent a prolonged and painful death. It’s a method of destruction that produces rapid unconsciousness and subsequent death without evidence of pain or distress. It sounds so ruthless but the truth is that if any of your loved was to undergo unbearable pain and suffering and you know for sure that in spite of this entire trauma he or she will not live long, you will know how Euthanasia satisfies your conscience.

People claim that they have their pet or a loved one undergo euthanasia out of respect and love for them. This is legal, since most of the times it is miserable to see the state of the person who is genuinely getting deteriorated and we keep mum about it and can do nothing. There are people who do not deserve to go through such a death, but we would have seen them live with such pride and dignity all their lives that it would be utterly painful to see them bed ridden and die every day. The benefits would be vast to a person who is suffering because it is the quickest way to set them free and give them the peace they deserve. To the patient, it is an end of an era since fighting for life is no more an option but only struggling for it is. There are different conditions of terminal illness that have signs of improvement and show different ways to life with a positive attitude but cases that are extreme are the ones that are prone to adopt Euthanasia.

The benefits are shared mainly by the family of the patient since it saves the health costs and reduces the financial burden on them. It would be a great strain for the friends and family to look after someone who is terminally ill so Euthanasia benefits in this way too. The truth we need to accept is that, the medical supplies being used on a terminally ill patient could be used for a patient who is more likely to recover sooner or later. This type of death allows the patient to die painlessly and in a dignified manner and the controlled death will also give time for the loved ones to cope with the conditions and accept the loss and bid their farewells.

“Life is precious no matter what physical and mental state you are in‒, but for those who have seen or have been around the people who had to through Euthanasia, will find it difficult to digest that life needs can be lived that way!

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