Benefits Of Divorce

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divorceBenefits Of Divorce

People who have or are going to tie the nuptial bonds, rarely expect a negative end of their marriage. One such negative unwanted conclusion of marriage is divorce that is disliked by most people. In fact, marriage is considered to be identical with feeling of love, joy, warmth, bliss, peace, etc. The feelings usually associated with divorce are that of sorrow, regret, shock, and sympathy. Those who go through the traumatic suffering tend to forget that divorce is a remedial measure for the unhappiness and grief that marriage has brought for them. Divorce is mostly that last resort to solve a marriage dispute and is done with the intent of improving the life of individuals concerned with divorce. Hence, instead of considering it a calamity divorce should be taken as a way to liberation and happiness. The many benefits of divorce to the divorcee and their families include:

1. Gives life a new beginning.
If given a choice no couple would wish to end their marriage with a divorce. Yet, sometimes, in spite of the finest efforts and intent a person’s married life becomes a miserable small story, frightening to end up in sorrow and disaster. When such a situation arrives in life, divorce gives a person the much desirable chance to begin life afresh, and with a clean slate. Divorce is a way to begin a new chapter in life.

2. Get into new relationships.
Many times spouses realize after marriage that they are totally incompatible for each other and they hold numerous irreconcilable differences. Such people might meet compatible partners, whom they wish to marry. Divorce gives them a chance to get into a relationship with a compatible partner, who will surely bring back happiness into their lives.

3. Divorce returns freedom
Freedom and independence are inseparable parts of bachelorhood. Unmarried people are master of their own destiny and are free from any unwanted domestic responsibilities or emotional influences. People enter the marital relationship with an expectation of happiness and end up all the freedom that that enjoyed when they were bachelors and spinsters. However, life might bring things contrary to our expectations. Divorce provides an opportunity for being our own boss and live life independently once again.

4. Way to personal growth.
A certain amount of space and freedom is very important to provide way for individual growth and development of other relationships in life. Marriage might hinder the growth of these relationships and lead to their end. Divorce reiterates the way to personal growth and relationships.

5. Financial independence.
After divorce, you are free to spend your earnings in a way you wish to spend. There will be no control of your partner over your finances.
Though marriage brings its share of happiness, but if you feel that it is immensely difficult to lead life with an incompatible partner as yours, don’t torture yourself living in an incompatible environment. Choose the option of getting divorced and bring a new beginning for your life.

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