Benefits Of Diversity in the Classroom

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Benefits of Diversity in the Classroom

Diversity can be defined as being diverse or different from the other. There are different types of diversity in the classroom, from religion and culture to sex and race. Also, teachers may come from different ethnical backgrounds like their students do. Diversity gives students an opportunity to interact with one another in the classroom regardless of race, color or creed.

1. Better awareness
Each one of us has a sense of cultural identity, which is clearly defined by our values, behaviors and beliefs that develop from childhood. Cultures often vary from each other and thus create diversity in the classroom. A classroom with students from different backgrounds is very beneficial as it helps learners understand and appreciate cultural differences, as they develop responsiveness of their cultural beliefs.

2. Eliminates racism
Once students learn the importance of diversity, they are able to fight racism through their unprejudiced appreciation of the different races and cultures. A diverse institution or classroom for that matter includes many students of diverse ethnicities, races and ages. In other words, diversity in the classroom ensures there is no room for racism.

3. Fighting bias
Prejudices and stereotypes are part of the society and regularly invade our life experiences. Students who appreciate diverse cultures and have positive self image can avoid judging other folks by the prejudices and stereotypes that they often come across. When student understand how diversity impacts their lives, they can make informed decisions rather than making biased judgments.

4. Facing our prejudice
To teach student to be culturally aware and open-minded, teachers have to put their biases aside since they are role models. When teachers leave certain questions unanswered, students will learn that such subjects are not suitable for discussion.
Worksheets, textbooks and other reading materials can contain unbiased material. For that reason, some students may feel neglected or looked down upon.

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