Benefits of cremation

Benefits of cremation

Whenever a person dies, the standard way of disposing the body is through a burial. More and more people are now open to cremation though because of its supposed benefits. In the past, many people will cringe on the idea of burning the bodies of their loved ones and so choose to bury them instead and prepare for the traditional funeral and burial ceremonies. In modern times, cremation of dead bodies has become increasingly popular because of the following benefits:

1. Lower Cost

When comparing standard burial and cremation, the latter takes the advantage when it comes to cost. Less money is needed for cremation when compared to standard burial costs. For cremation, people just need to pay for the actual cremation service plus the urn in which the ashes are to be kept. Money for these items are way much cheaper when compared to paying for embalming and burial services plus the casket.

2. No required land use

With cremation, there is no land requirement involved. The ashes just need to be kept in an urn and there is no need to purchase a burial lot. Loved ones of the dead person may opt to keep the urn at their homes or pay for a smaller pace in memorial columbariums. Either way, the cost will also be cheaper when compared with paying for a burial lot.

3. Simpler process

For some families, the simpler process involved in cremation appeals to them more than that of the standard burial process. Standard burials are usually accompanied with more elaborate funeral preparations and this may cause more stress to grieving families. With cremation, the process is much simpler and shorter which allows people to focus more on their grief and perhaps move on faster rather than worry on the various activities and concerns involved in standard funerals and burials.

Cremations may not be preferred by most people at this time but when the various benefits are known to them, some will probably choose it over standard burial. Cremation also offers more flexibility in terms of funeral-related activities which further leads to less stress and worries.

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