Benefits of Cetyl Alcohol

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Benefits of Cetyl Alcohol

Cetyl alcohol is a common ingredient in most skin care and hair care products. There are plenty of applications and benefits of cetyl alcohol. Among the major uses include hardware and food installations as well as acting like an emulsifier in cosmetics. Discover the benefits of cetyl alcohol below.

1. Protects the skin

The major application of cetyl alcohol is seen in the skin care industry where it is used in many cosmetic products, particularly in skin creams and lotions due to its unique emollient and binding action. Cetyl alcohol works as an emollient so as to form a layer of oil on the surface of the skin. This helps to trap water and it serves like a barrier to protect the skin.

2. Makes hair smoother

Cetyl alcohol eliminates the dryness problem that many people have with their hair. It conditions the hair and prevents it from appearing frizzy or brittle. It also adds shine and makes hair feel and look softer. Cetyl alcohol even smoothes out tangles in the hair, which aids in combing. This is beneficial for those who use lots of chemicals on their hair or those using tools like hair dryers.

3. Food additive

Besides being used for making cosmetics, cetyl alcohol may also function as a food additive. It has been approved by FDA and is thereby considered harmless to use. Actually, cetyl alcohol has been approved to be used for indirect addition like production aids and instant addition to any food products.

4. Lubricates hardware

The other cetyl alcohol benefit is lubricating bolts and nuts. Many mechanics use it together with other waxes and lubricants like a protective coating. Moreover, hardware manufacturers also utilize cetyl alcohol for lubricating their machines.

Finally, cetyl alcohol acts like a moisturizer and helps to avoid loss of skin moisture. It protects the skin and shields it from various kinds of skin problems.

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