Benefits Of CDM

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Benefits of CDM

CDM, set up by the Kyoto Protocol was geared towards solving issues affecting climate change. The movement allows countries to attract foreign investments for a number of projects advocating for minimizing pollution and producing clean energy. Under this body, varied proposal were made to help curb greenhouse gas emissions. CDM projects were set up to monitor emission targets and keep accurate records in line with the goals and objectives.

1. Attracts investors
CDM investment might attract foreign individuals, organizations and individuals within that particular country. When the government decides to participate in a CDM project, it can form useful partnerships of foreign and local entities. Foreign investment and CDM partnership is a good opportunity for local investors to acquire new skills.

2. CDM and greenhouse gas emissions
The CDM is a platform that encourages companies and governments to participate in projects that aim to sequester or reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Credits attained from these projects become an invaluable resource on the international market in respect to greenhouse gas emission credits.

3. Environment benefits
There are many benefits of participating in CDM, particularly from international perspective as well as for developing countries. If developing states follow this path towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions, global warming would become a thing of the past. Therefore, CDM projects are geared towards providing ways to curb gas emissions that may result in global warming and other unwanted climatic events, such as earthquakes.

4. Awareness
CDM projects also increase awareness on the impact of greenhouse gases. Once investors learn to use inexpensive emission reduction through these projects, global emissions will be significantly reduced. It is prudent to reduce greenhouse gas emission on large scale in order to avert drastic climatic changes resulting in global warming.

CDM projects can attract unwanted or unfavorable technologies that can adversely affect local people.

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