Benefits of body composition

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Body Composition

Being aware of our body composition can always help us to determine the general state of our body’s overall health. It has often been found that in spite of appearing health from the outside and having a weight which appears to be seemingly normal, persons can still have an altered and unhealthy body composition when assessed in the right way.

Body composition index is based on our body’s relative amount of fat-free mass (which consists of our bones, muscles, organs and body tissues) to the amount of body fat that we have within us. Per say, if the quantity of body fat is significantly higher compared to the amount of fat-free mass within our body, then we may always fear of putting ourselves at a risk for severe health problems such as high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, fatigue, cancer and more.

Although body fat is in general considered bad for leading a healthy lifestyle, some fat is actually still needed for our overall good health. This body fat not only helps us to protect our internal organs, but it also aids in regulating our hormones and provide us with energy for our wellbeing.

According to clinical findings our body fat should typically make up about 12% of the total body weight of women and 5% for men, to call ourselves healthy.

Body composition is measured by Waist circumference and Hip to waist ratio (WHR), Skin fold thickness and by Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis tests.

Here are a few benefits of having a positive body composition which can help us to live healthily.

Increase energy and endurance.

It has been noticed that people those who have optimal body composition ratio, generally tends to be more energetic. They also possess better endurance level than people who do not have a good body composition and so can work harder and have better resistance towards critical illnesses in their lives.

Have improved circulation

People those who have less fat in their body and possesses recommended body composition often have improved blood circulation in all parts of their body. Thus, having a better circulation helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases and stroke.

Improved lung function capabilities

People who are conscious about their health and have better body composition than others also have improved lung function capabilities. So not only does people who have normal body composition have less respiratory infections but they also suffer less from breathlessness.

Have risk free pregnancy

Women who suffer from bad body composition whereby they are obese and have more fat in their body, generally have a risk of suffering during the term of their gravidity. Excess fat deposits in the abdomen and waistline of the pregnant women often have pregnancy complications which are not all that much prevalent with healthy women.

Have better sleep

It has been clinically observed that people who have better body composition test reports, normally have better sleep than those who do not.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits of having an optimal body composition ratio, having ideal amount of fat in the body also helps us to avoid lower back pain and improves out glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity.

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