The Benefits of Ritalin

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The Benefits of Ritalin

Ritalin is prescribed from treating conditions like ADHD, obesity, narcolepsy and lethargy. It exerts its therapeutic effects through increasing the amounts of dopamine within the brain. This helps relieve several disorders linked to the nervous system and also some metabolic and cardiovascular conditions.

1. Enhances cognitive function

Increasing amounts of dopamine within the brain can enhance the capability to maintain focus and attention. Ritalin boosts cognitive function and increases the capability of organizing several components of certain tasks using a goal-oriented behavior. This benefit is particularly pronounced in individuals with ADHD, which is partially characterized by incapacity of concentration and impulsivity. Ritalin effectively lowers the symptoms in those with ADHD and allows better cognitive function.

2. Reduces fatigue

One of the effects of increasing dopamine by using Ritalin is a reduced level of sleepiness and fatigue. This medication is very effective when dealing with narcolepsy. This is the condition that is characterized with an inability of staying awake during certain conditions where sleep is dangerous or inappropriate such as while driving or during work. Through its highly stimulating effect, Ritalin relieves indications of narcolepsy. It can also reduce people in people where some health issue that hinders normal functioning is present.

3. Weight loss

Ritalin may be prescribed for treating obesity in overweight patients. Its stimulant effect also causes an enhancement in metabolic rate, heart rate and also a reduction of appetite. Although its therapeutic effect is mainly mediated by dopamine, its weight loss effects are brought about by a great increase in norepinephrine. When used along with an exercise plan and good diet, Ritalin can assist severely overweight patients to lose weight.

Nevertheless, since Ritalin also stimulates the heart, it poses some threat to those suffering from heart conditions. You should therefore evaluate the benefits and risks of Ritalin with your doctor first before using it.

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