Benefits Of Voting

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Benefits of Voting

Is true that you vote can have an impact in an election? Well, the voting process affects you one way or the other. There are many benefits associated with voting, from political to social to economic gain, as well as physiological benefits. Here are some of the reasons why you should participate in voting, and elections for that matter.

1. Personal Power

There is a strong relationship between personal efficacy and voting – a personal sense of power or agency. Voting gives you the opportunity to voice your opinion on issues that affect those in your community, which allows you to shape the government and its policies. Basically, voting gives you the power to vote as you see fit since it is a democratic right.

2. Health benefits

Did you know that voting is associated with health benefits? Apart from the personal power it provides, you can also enjoy both physical and social heath by voting. Communities that know the importance of voting reap many benefits from the government such as less crime, and better health care just to mention but a few. Furthermore, voting can help improve your societal well-being.

3. Community concerns

Voting has a direct impact on how the government makes appointments, laws, budgets, public policies, and regulations for that matter. As a voter, you have the responsibility to vote for policies that will benefit your children, as well as the future generations. Countless factors need to be addressed, ranging from health care to policies on families, the economy, education, and so much more.

4. Better leadership

Since voting is a democratic right to all, you have the opportunity to share the issues that need to be addressed. Your vote has an impact on how the government implements policies that affect you and your family.

Although there are no known disadvantages of voting, the government should set funds aside for civic education so that people know the importance of voting.

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