Benefits Of Vitamin D

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vitamin D_bookBenefits Of Vitamin D
Vitamin D and its benefits to the body were earlier very ambiguous. It is the only vitamin that is manufactured by the body with the help of sunlight. Vitamin D was known to strengthen the skeletal structure by the deposition of minerals phosphorous and calcium in the bones. Recent researches have shown that this vitamin performs many important tasks other than strengthening bones. The numerous benefits of vitamin D include:

1.Helps in cell differentiation
Cellular differentiation is a natural process in the body and is responsible for destining specific functions for particular cells of the body. Differentiation of body cells leads to a reduction in cell production. Although production of new cells is essential for growth and healing of wounds, but uncontrolled multiplication of cells may lead to fatal diseases like cancer. Active vitamin D, slows down the production of cells and encourages differentiation of cells.

2.Enhances the immunity of body towards diseases.
Research has shown the effect of active vitamin D as strong modulator of the body’s immune system. Vitamin D helps in enhancing body immunity and increases its capability to fight diseases and infections.

3.Vitamin D prevents the risk of type I diabetes.
Type I diabetes does not arise because of insulin resistance. It occurs because beta cells that produce insulin in pancreas are damaged by the person’s immune system. This mostly happens in early childhood and can be prevented by intake of vitamin D. High quantity vitamin D intake during childhood lowers the risk of developing diabetes of type I later in life.

4.Vitamin D prevents osteoporosis
Osteoporosis is mostly associated with deficiency of calcium. However, deficiency of vitamin D contributes to osteoporosis. Reduced quantity of vitamin D in the body drops the amount of calcium absorbed in the body. Vitamin D insufficiency in long run causes osteoporosis. Adequate storage of vitamin D keeps the bones strong and prevents the development of osteoporosis in older adults and in women who are post-menopausal stages.

5.Prevents cancer.
Vitamin D also known as the sun-shine vitamin, suppresses growth of cancer cells in different kinds of cancers like breast cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer. This vitamin also reduces the development of blood vessels that nourish cancer cells, thus protecting the body form this fatal disease.

6.Controls blood pressure.
Vitamin D helps in controlling blood pressure and protects the heart from its negative effects.

7.Helps in the development of brain.
The human brain has several receptors of vitamin D. Vitamin D plays a significant role in developing and maintaining a healthy mind.

People who take plenty of sunshine especially during early morning, sufficient quantities of raw milk and cod liver oil will surely benefits from vitamin D. If there is deficiency of all these things, make sure you consume supplements offering adequate quantities of vitamin D and keep yourself healthy.

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