Benefits Of Teenage Pregnancy

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Benefits of Teenage Pregnancy

Surprisingly enough, although some people might disagree, there are some benefits that come with teenage pregnancy. There are federal and state benefits that teen parents can get, including help with education, health care and food. Find out the benefits of teenage pregnancy here below.

1. Reduce drug use
Drug use and addiction is a common problem that affects teenagers all over the world. Some researchers even say that most pregnancies have resulted due to the bad behavior once the teens were intoxicated. However, teenage pregnancy can considerably lower alcohol and marijuana use. This is caused by the need of the teen mother to prevent any harm to her unborn baby.

2. Improves decision making
Most teenage pregnancies happen because of making bad decisions. In fact, girls from poor neighborhoods have managed to change their lives after becoming pregnant. Research shows these teenage girls chose another path in life after they had become pregnant. They became more productive and veered away from drugs and delinquency.

3. WIC
WIC is a great federal program responsible for providing health and food assistance to teen moms. It aids the pregnant teenagers by providing them money for buying food, and also educates them about the proper nutrition. WIC helps its participants, which includes pregnant teens, to locate cheap health care services as well as other beneficial community services.

4. Child care
All pregnant teenagers who are still learning or working are generally eligible to receive child care help. Nevertheless, this benefit may vary from one state to the next. Agency officials in your state are going to explain the various child care choices and assist place your children in good programs.

With the number of teenage pregnancies increasing daily, it is vital to consider the above benefits. However, teenage pregnancy has serious consequences, particularly when there is no support system in place and the girl is also treated poorly.

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  1. sparklewitty

    February 17, 2017 7:37 am

    The public must help and avoid the teenagers to avoid themselves from the act of premarital sex .
    also educate our adolescent teens

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