Benefits Of RAID

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Benefits of RAID

RAID denotes redundant array of independent disks and it is a method of storing similar data in various places on several hard disks. There are many benefits of placing information on several disks and the following are some of the key benefits of taking such an action.

1. Increases security

RAID levels offer protection for all the information stored in a particular array through using redundancy. The information can even withstand the complete breakdown of one of the hard disks without any loss of data and without requiring the restoration of data from the backup. This particular security aspect of RAID provides an important benefit and it encourages the establishment of even more RAID levels. All RAID arrays offer a significant degree of information protection.

2. Enhances availability

In this case, availability basically refers to the easy access to information. A good RAID system improves availability both through the provision of fault tolerance as well as features that enable quick recovery from any hardware problems without disruption. This makes certain that work continues smoothly without any interruptions.

3. Improves performance

A chief advantage of using RAID systems is that they enhance performance. They enable the user to fully exploit the abilities of numerous hard disks so as to overcome performance-restraining issues that usually plague singular hard disks. Even though every RAID implementation improves performance in unique ways and in various degrees, but all implementations enhance performance in a certain way that benefits the users.

4. Fault tolerance

The other huge benefit of RAID implementations is that they offer a reliable storage system. In fact, they lower the risk of the whole subsystem failing because of any hardware failures.

A major drawback of making use of the RAID system is the fact that it can be very expensive to fully implement and use.

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