Benefits Of Manuka Honey

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manuka_honeyBenefits Of Manuka Honey

Manuka is the name of a bush that is commonly known as a variant of tea tree plant. It is abundantly found in New Zealand and Australia. When bees feed solely on Manuka bush they produce a type of honey that has numerous positive characteristics and is known as the Manuka honey. Manuka honey possesses unparalleled antibacterial, antibiotic and antifungal properties. These characteristics of Manuka honey make it beneficial as an alternative medicine for curing numerous common and serious diseases and infections. Apart from this it is very useful for taking care of the skin. The many benefits of manuka honey include:

Manuka honey is a natural antibiotic
Most antibiotic medicines manufactured by pharmaceutical companies cause negative effects both on oral consumption or on application. Manuka honey has properties of a natural antibiotic. The exceptionally powerful antibacterial properties help in the treatment and destruction of harmful microorganisms. Also Manuka honey is safer than other antibiotics.

Useful for curing the Staph infection.
An antibiotic-resistant superbug called by the name MRSA causes a potentially life-threatening infection known as the StaphÂ’ infections. When Manuka Honey is used by such patients, it dehydrates them and prevents their multiplication. Thus the antibacterial action of this unique honey helps in disabling these dangerous microbes.

Useful in healing wounds quickly.
Manuka honey helps in speeding up the healing process of fresh wounds. Firstly, it supports the formation of new skin cells on the wounded area by creating moisture. Secondly, the antibacterial properties of manuka honey prevent infection by destroying bacteria.

Possesses anti fungal properties.
When applied to body parts affected by fungal diseases like athlete’s foot, and jock itch Manuka honey helps in curing and relieving pain. This is because of its anti-fungal properties. The relief in pain is due to the anti-inflammatory effects of the honey.

Helps in treating cold and sore throats
Intake of manuka honey helps in the treatment of cold and sore throat.

Aids in treating skin burns.
Manuka honey is useful in the treatment of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree burns.

Other benefits to the skin.
Manuka Honey is often used for taking care of the skin. It can be applied topically for treatment of any kinds of wounds, sores, skin ulcers, insect stings and bites, poison, scrapes, eczema, acne, etc. Manuka Honey is now being used in preparing cosmetics especially for the, manufacture of creams that claim to reduce wrinkles on ageing skin.

But before you make your purchases of this product; be aware of the originality and quality of the product. All honey sold in this name cannot be considered as “active‒. Manuka honey should have antimicrobial property that is exclusively found in it. This measurement is known as Unique Manuka Factor, or UMF. Purchase the honey that has a UMF of at least 15+. Only then your body and skin will be benefitted by its use.

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