Benefits Of Junior College

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Benefits of Junior College

Should you attend a junior college? Irrespective of whether you intend to enroll to a full time college, stop once you have an associate degree, or just take extra cases, is it wise to consider attending junior college? In order to make an informed decision, here are the benefits and drawbacks of community college.

1. Affordable

You will realize that community colleges often are affordable compared to a full year program. It is a perfect option if you plan to transfer to a new college, you can take the core courses at any renowned community college to help you save money for a bachelor’s degree.

2. Qualified instructors

Of course you expect to find quality instructors at community colleges. In fact, many lectures at junior colleges spend more time with their students than university professors. Since community college employment opportunities are competitive, quality teaching is a prerequisite.

3. Close proximity

If you can’t afford to pay for accommodation or maybe you just prefer to stay close to home, community college is right for you. They are usually located near cities or town where you can find public transportation, helping you to save money that could have been used for gas.

4. Flexible learning

Community college is suitable for those who are working. Most of them have a flexible schedule to ensure everyone has the opportunity to attend classes. In addition to that, you can consult with the lecturers online in case you missed a particular coursework. You also have access to education materials online, making it an excellent option for parents who wish to learn at their own pace.

5. One-on-one attention

The small class size encourages one-on-one attention to ensure every student has a chance to participate in class.

The main drawback of attending a community college is that you don’t receive a bachelor’s degree, which is a requirement for many career options.

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