Benefits Of iPhone 4


Benefits of iPhone 4

As compared to all the iPhones that were previously released, the iPhone 4 is the most powerful with the best technology. As a matter of fact, it is smaller than the earlier model by about 25%. Further down are some of the major benefits of the iPhone 4.

1. Enables multitasking

The capability of multitasking between applications makes the use of the iPhone 4 even more beneficial than other new features. The iPhone 4 has a very advanced operating system that allows multiple folders and applications that you could possibly organize and use. You can receive and send emails, book tickets and play games while listening to music.

2. Video conferencing

The new FaceTime feature available on the iPhone 4 introduces video calling and it assists to keep you connected with relatives and friends. This particular feature is not affected by distance and thus it has brought people much closer. As a result of the face-to-face communication, it is highly likely that there is going to be stronger client and colleague relationships.

3. Great camera and video capabilities

The iPhone 4 boasts of a Retina display for the sharpest view as well as a 5 Megapixel camera having a flash. This means that you pictures are going to be of the highest quality. Additionally, it is possible to record high definition videos of 30 frames per second and then edit them using the iMovie software. The screen on this particular phone model has a very high resolution for providing an elaborate and clear LED display.

4. Sleek appearance

The stainless steel that is used for the casing of the iPhone 4 gives it a sleek design, feel and look. The durability of the glass on the back and front of the phone has also been increased.

One of the drawbacks of the iPhone 4 is that it does not support mail attachment directly. This is a great disadvantage for people who use this particular feature frequently.

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  1. Lee Wilkins

    January 21, 2013 5:47 am

    One of the main benefits that has attracted many customers is the ability to access and download applications from the Apple App Store. While apps are available for many of today’s most popular devices, there are many that are only available for Apple devices.

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