Benefits Of Histidine

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Benefits of Histidine

Histidine is one of the amino acids required for the development and maintenance of healthy tissues and organs in the body. This amino acid also ensures effective transmission of brain commands to different areas of the body. Histidine is located in most foods that have a high protein content such as dairy and meat products. Further down are benefits of histidine.

1. Boosts sexual function

Histidine is vital for proper sexual functioning as it gets changed into histamine, which is the chemical required for stimulating sexual arousal. Taking histidine together with vitamin B6 and niacin aids to enhance sexual pleasure through increasing the levels of histamine in an individual’ body.

2. Natural detoxifier

Histidine acts like an effective natural detoxifier and protects against damage caused by radiation. It also assists to eliminate unwanted metals from a person’s body. Consuming foods with high histidine content may even assist to prevent certain diseases from developing. The reason is that histidine is vital for the production of both white and red blood cells.

3. Arthritis

Many experts believe that histidine is beneficial to individuals suffering from nerve deafness and arthritis. In fact, histidine is commonly used like a supplement for patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Levels of histidine in such patients are usually very low. Furthermore, histidine is also necessary for growth and overall tissue repair.

4. Aids digestion

In digestion, histidine is useful as well since it aids in the production of gastric juices. People with digestion ailments like gas and indigestion experience relief from this amino acid. Without sufficient production of histamine by histidine, proper digestion may become impaired. Histamine stimulates gastrin secretion, which is a vital digestive enzyme.

Because histidine has an influence on histamine production as well as the nervous system in general, individuals with bipolar depression are advised to avoid histidine supplements unless recommended by their doctors.

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