Benefits Of Hands on Learning

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Benefits of Hands on Learning

This particular type of learning is usually heightened when employees or students are capable of performing particular aspects of assigned tasks on their own. The hands-on learning is a very good method of teaching and the following are some of its benefits.

1. Greater retention of material

Through extensive educational research, it has actually been proven that students are going to have a lasting comprehension of things they do in comparison with the ones they only see or hear. The hands-on learning provides the students a visible, concrete foundation to learn all the necessary conceptual and abstract facts.

2. Enhances creativity

Working on projects with children is a great opportunity to highlight their unique creative skills. This is because the children are exposed to many raw materials that they can use to create original products which reflect their insights to various topics.

3. More enjoyable

Many students fail to do their best in certain classes since they claim that it is very boring to just sit around and listen to a very long lecture. On the other hand, with hands-on learning, the students are able to participate in the activities and thus it increases their motivation. The students will become more enthusiastic towards the lessons leading to improved results.

4. Develops a sense of achievement

Performing a project successfully from start to finish gives the students an important sense of achievement. The hands-on learning environment also provides the students the opportunity to get used to handling equipment better.

5. Develops critical thinking

This is a very important benefit since critical thinking can be applied in many places in life. The main goal of the hands-on learning is to enable the student make the required on-the-spot resolutions which can affect the desired outcome.

Hands-learning also has its own disadvantages as well and one of them is that it does not allow peer interaction. As a result, it is actually not effectual for attitude change.

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