Benefits Of Gymnastics

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Benefits Of Gymnastics

Gymnastics is an activity derived from the exercises that were taught to Greek soldiers in olden times. The soldiers developed strength by performing activities like mounting and dismounting a horse and other skills that were a part of circus acts. The exercises involved in gymnastics demonstrate balance strength and flexibility. Basically Gymnastics is composed of six disciplines that have been approved and regulated by the international controlling organization. These include artistic gymnastics, Sports aerobics, Rhythmic gymnastics, Power Tumbling Sports, acrobatics, and Trampolining. Participation in gymnastics brings many physical, cognitive and psychological benefits for both children and adults. These skills benefits children not only during childhood but through their entire life. A few of these benefits include:

1. Physical benefits
Â’· Gymnastics help in preventing various kinds of cancer.
Â’· Aid to develop the bone density, which in turn delays or removes the possibility of developing osteoporosis.
Â’· Fitness delays the occurrence of high blood pressure.
Â’· Enhances the skills that are essentially required for many other sports.
Â’· Gymnastics enhance the body flexibility and prevents the occurrence of injury.

2. Cognitive benefits
Â’· People performing gymnastics become extremely aware of their body.
Â’· This art makes a person alert about the space and the location of their body in that space.
Â’· People become aware of the interrelation between various body parts and their relation with the surroundings.

3. Psychological benefits
Â’· Gymnastics makes a person self disciplined
Â’· Provides strength to the mind.
Â’· Makes a person habitual of doing exercise regularly.
Â’· Lets people enjoy while they exercise.
Â’· Makes people confident and improves their self image.
Â’· Gymnasts tend to behave positively towards their bodies.
Â’· Helps develop trust in their own capabilities i.e. they move from “I can’t do‒ attitude to an “I can do‒ attitude.

4. Mental and educational benefits
Â’· Greater involvement in physical activity helps develop self-confidence in children.
Â’· Children doing more physical activities like gymnastics have high attendance in school.
Â’· There are fewer chances of such children getting involved in the abuse of alcohol and tobacco.
Â’· Reduced levels of psychological problems like depression and anxiety.
Â’· Improves hand-eye coordination
Â’· Helps to improve communication skills.
Â’· Helps build and maintain their confidence in self.
Â’· Learn to communicate with other gymnasts and their coaches.
Â’· Learn time management skills.
Â’· Children involved in gymnastics encompass longer attention spans and develop problem solving skills.
Â’· Helps children suffering form with learning disabilities, autism, and Down syndrome.

Last but not the least gymnastics is a highly rewarding sport. Instead of relying on the capability of all team members you can achieve the results desired by you personally.

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