Benefits Of Exercise for Children

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Benefits Of Exercise for Children

Most parents panic about the risk of sports-related injuries especially in children, and don’t realize the amount of harm they do to their children’s health. Exercise when done with proper preventive measures helps in maintaining the health of children during their childhood and for their entire life. An inactive lifestyle in children can have negative health for them both now and later. Regular exercise in children brings physical fitness, stronger self-esteem, confidence; increased levels of energy, improved memory, and good feeling about themselves. Along with this exercise can help solve the problem of obesity in children, which is the most common cause of various diseases. Following are a few benefits that exercise brings for children:

1. Helps in weight loss.
Recent research shows that most children in U.S. suffer form the problem of obesity. These children are most prone to diseases like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and hormone deregulation, orthopedic and respiratory problems. Regular exercise with controlled diet is effective for weight-loss and can help them keep away from serious diseases.

2. Exercise strengthens bones.
This is especially true for children as they bones are in growth stage during childhood. Regular exercise and physical activity increases the bone mineral density, thus strengthening their bones. Strong bones are less prone to bone diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis.

3. Provides protection against cardiovascular problems.
Although cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure and strokes don’t appear until adulthood, but risk factors accumulate much earlier in life. This is due to sedentary and inactive lifestyle and high calorie intake. Regular exercise in children helps to reduce high blood cholesterol in children, thus reducing the risk of hypertension and strokes when they become adults.

4. Improves mental health.
Regular exercise not only benefits children physically, but also improves their mental health. It helps in reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression, improves self-esteem, and a child’s self-image, and also aids them to cope with stress.

5. Improves blood flow.
Exercise improves the flow of blood to all body cells and tissues, including the brain. Improved blood flow helps in transporting high amount of nutrients and oxygen to the body’s cells. This provides sufficient energy for their physical and mental activities and makes them feel energized.

6. Aids in detoxification process.
All metabolic activities taking place in the body result in the formation of wastes, which are toxic for the body. Enhanced blood flow increases the movement of these toxic byproducts from the cells for recycling, or elimination, thus detoxifying the b0ody automatically.

With so many benefits for present and future, all children must engage into some kind of regular exercise that will help to keep them physically fit and mentally healthy.

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