Benefits Of DDT

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ddt-pdBenefits Of DDT

One of the most recognized insecticides all over the world is DDT or dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane. This is due to the fact that its use has helped reveal the numerous hazards coupled with the use of synthetic pesticides. DDT is a colorless, odorless, and insoluble toxic pesticide which contains about fourteen chemical substances in it. This chemical is known for eradicating and destroying harmful insects like flies, mosquitoes, and lice. It is also widely used to kill agricultural pests. DDT was synthesized in the year 1874, but it was used as an insecticide in the year 1939. Swiss scientist Paul Muller revealed its ability to kill insects and then the chemical was started being used. The many benefits of DDT include:

1. Kills disease causing organisms.
DDT is used to kill organisms that are responsible for causing malaria, filariasis and dengue fever. The use of this disinfectant has probably saved the lives of about 50 million people from these diseases.

2. Effective for long periods.
DDT is highly persistent sand continues to be effective in killing disease causing mosquitoes for months after being applied.

3. Beneficial for plants.
As water spray or crop dust DDT has been routinely used on orchards, fields, gardens, and forests. There was time when the use of this chemical had increased so much that it was registered to be used on more than 300 agricultural crops all over the world.

4. Durable in nature.
DDT is highly durable in nature and in some of its applications it is effectual for more than 12 years. This chemical cannot be easily washed by water and it also resists breakdown by air and light.

5. Low price.
This chemical is quite cheap and can be afforded by all to kill any kind of insects and pests.

6. Low toxicity to humans.
The chemical is highly toxic to bugs and insects, but has very low toxicity to all mammals including humans. Thus, this chemical can be directly applied to the human skin for killing parasites without causing harm to the person using it.

DDT should be used in a controlled manner as bio accumulation of this chemical spread it through the whole food web causing harm to many living organisms. DDT and it’s derivatives are fat soluble in natures. This enables these chemicals to dissolve in the cell membranes. They are then passed on to the cells and stored in the fatty tissues of the body. They thus remain inside the bodies of living organisms and cause harm to their systems. This chemical should be used with precaution keeping it away for pregnant mothers and small children.

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